Our Period Style Olde Gothic (or OGEE) Verandah Rafters are made using LOSP Treated Pine (environmentally friendly timber) and are available to suit any size required.


  • Standard sizes are from 90mm x 42mm, 120mm x 42mm & 140mm x 42mm.

  • Any length & any radius of curve to suit roll of roofing.

  • Other species & sizes available upon request.

  • When renovating replacement of rotted rafters or brackets can be reproduced to maintain the originality of your home.

  • Adding a roof to your home will reduce your electricity bills for good.

  • Olde Gothic verandahs provide very effective insulation – The curve of an Olde Gothic verandah cuts off direct sunlight and weather into your rooms.

As a result, rooms behind an Olde Gothic verandah remain surprisingly cool – even on notoriously hot Australian summer days.


Hip and Valleys also available.