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Karem Is Australia’s Leading Stair Kit Manufacturer

  • We are the only manufacturers to treat LOSP Pine stringers AFTER manufacturing; all cuts and surfaces are sealed.
  • Routered housing joint TWICE as deep as competitors.
  • Pre-Drilled parallel holes for easy installati
  • Higher Quality Timber – Dressing Grade Clears (DAR) not standard knotted H3 pine.

KAREM’S LOSP TREATMENT is CLEAR due the fact some of our customers choose to stain our timber different colours.

Who is Karem Woodcraft?2018-07-16T04:53:42+10:00

We are an Australian owned company that has been manufacturing quality timber products for three decades.

What Do We Sell?2018-07-16T04:54:25+10:00

We manufacture the highest quality timber products to maintain, restore or enhance Australian houses. We also manufacture custom made timber products on top of our standard range of timber products.

How Do I Make A Purchase?2018-07-16T04:55:12+10:00

Simply call (03) 9720 7266 and one of our friendly staff will help you.

Our Mission2018-07-16T04:56:08+10:00

It is our mission to preserve the rich heritage of Australian period style homes. At the same time, it is our goal to produce new and innovative timber products for modern homes and commercial buildings.

Our 25 Year Guarantee2018-07-16T04:56:59+10:00

At Karem Woodcraft we offer a 25 year Guarantee* on ALL external LOSP Treated Pine products. We are proud of our products and that’s why we stand by them. *Please see our care instructions for terms and conditions.

Our 10 Year Warranty2018-07-16T04:57:53+10:00

To give you peace of mind across our full product range, we also have a 10 year manufacturing warranty on all assembled products.

Care Instructions2018-07-16T04:58:44+10:00

25 Year Guarantee on LOSP Treated Pine Products

We offer a 25 Year Guarantee against Rot, White Ant / Termite attack and Fungal Decay on all LOSP pine products for above ground external use. The main stipulation is that you use
thin coats of oil based primer on ALL 6 sides of the product BEFORE installation. Our products must be kept dry until painted. Please allow drying time between coats.

It is highly recommended that you don’t paint your products until 72 hours have passed from delivery.

Why do you need to use an oil based primer?

The answer is L.O.S.P (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) and oil based primers have a solvent component within the paint which adheres to the L.O.S.P treatment. When you apply thin coats, this allows the paint to be absorbed into the cell structure of the timber and once the cells are blocked with the primer, the product becomes impenetrable to water.

If you wish to use Acrylic, Water Based or Oiled Based paint to finish off your products please use 2 to 3 thin coats.

What is LOSP H3?2018-07-16T04:59:38+10:00

LOSP stands for ‘light organic solvent preservation’ which is a type of treatment used at Karem Woodcraft to preserve your timber. The H3 is simply the level in which the timber is being treated. The level ranges from H1 to H3

Why Use LOSP H3?2018-07-16T05:00:46+10:00

Our Protim LOSP H3 treatment is a tried and trusted method of preserving timber against fungal decay and insect attack for external timber

What is Osmose Protim?2018-07-16T05:01:32+10:00

Osmose Protim is one of the treatment processes used at Karem Woodcraft. In essence it is treatment carried out in a vacuum vessel.

What is CCA?2018-07-16T05:02:24+10:00

CCA stands for ‘Chromated Copper Arsenate’ which is a type of treatment used at Karem Woodcraft to preserve your timber.


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