Quality Outdoor DIY Timber Stairs in Melbourne

Karem Woodcraft has the expertise, experience and skills to make the best quality Outdoor Timber Stairs in Melbourne.

For outdoor applications such as Outdoor Timber Stairs, timber is one of the leading material choices. Timber use in outdoor staircase applications creates structures of strength and durability, sheathed in a natural beauty that blends seamlessly with your outdoor environment.

Our complete DIY kits are available in any width from 900mm wide – 5400mm wide. And for any rise and run. Made using 240 x 45mm LOSP TREATED PINE (Environmentally friendly timber).

Custom made height rises also available.

Feel free to Browse through our range of Outdoor Timber Stairs below.

Outdoor Timber Stairs

All our steps are commercial grade and are Building Codes Australia (BCA) compliant. These kits are great for any outdoor areas such as Front or rear entrance to homes and On timber decking’s or within any undulating landscape.

Any Timber & Style. Free Quotes. Delivery Available. Aus Wide Delivery


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